Limbo Child Leg Protector


Waterproof Protection for casts, dressings & PICC lines
The LimbO cast protector is a comfortable, easy-to-use, reusable waterproof protector which can be completely submerged. It is a self-sealing, self-supporting garment which prevents the penetration of water to plaster casts and wound dressings on arms or legs during bathing. It is simple and comfortable to use and will last through the average user’s duration of treatment.


LimbO waterproof limb protectors.

The LimbO is designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet. The LimbO waterproof cast protector provides a significant quality of life improvement for the user. It is a non-sterile product and is primarily intended for use in a bath or shower

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 15 × 300 mm

25-34cm Age 3years, 25-34cm Age 4-5 years, 35-39cm Age 6-7 years, 39-54cm Age 8-10 years, 39-54cm Age 11-13 years


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