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Hip injuries, resulting from falls, are the leading cause of injury death and the main cause of nonfatal injuries that limit independent living among people 65 years and older. While medications, such as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs, often increase the risk of falls and fall-related injuries, poor vision, and just difficulty in moving from place to place put the elderly at risk of a fall that may result in a fatal or debilitating hip injury or hip fracture

Seniors often develop a fear of falling, causing them to limit activities and leading to reduced mobility. Scientifically proven to reduce hip fractures and traumatic hip injuries, HipSaver products restore confidence of motion to the elderly, both preserving physical health and increasing senior mobility. Worldwide, study after study* proves that hip protection is an effective prevention of hip injury due to fall.

HipSaver - The Right Choice for Hip Protection

HipSaver preserves mobility for all levels of senior activity. Studies show*, that the effectiveness of any hip protector relies on the compliance of the user.
Designed with the user in mind HipSaver products are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, whilst offering the most effective superior protection. 

HipSaver is available in a variety of designs to suit all types of wearers needs, ranging from the elderly in nursing home settings to those for seniors who daily participate in exercise programs and even robust activities such as jogging.
Whether you need hip protection for your personal use, or for your loved ones, or you are seeking hip protection for your Group Home, Nursing Home, or other Institution, there is a HipSaver product which will meet your needs.Whether you're a nursing home professional or an active senior, you'll enjoy the wide variety in HipSaver styles. Choose from sizes that are designed to fit every body and every lifestyle.

With choices such as: HipSaver Nursing Home, HipSaver Slimfit and fashionable HipSaver Track Pants and HipSaver Shorts , you'll find HipSaver products cater for all types of wearers with hip protection needs.

  • 7 styles available to suit all wearers needs

  • 6 standard sizes ranging from XS to XXL

  • Larger sizes available on request

  • Available in male or female

  • Available with sewn-in or removable pads

hipsaver specs
hipsaver sizing

HipSaver Nursing Home

Designed for the mobility and comfort of wearers plus convenience and peace of mind for carers, HipSaver® Nursing Home is a comfortable brief with a cloth-covered elastic waistband and a roomy fit for easy dressing and continence care.
The large leg openings make the HipSaver® Nursing Home easy to pull on and off. The full, soft fabric crotch perfectly accommodates incontinence pads.

Protection that's easy to wear

Falls and Injury Reduction

HipSaver SlimFit

Designed for optimum style and comfort, HipSaver® SlimFit looks good, feels good and pulls on just like regular underwear. It’s ideal for elders who are fashion conscious, active, or prefer a longer leg length in their undergarment. HipSaver® SlimFit can accommodate an incontinence pad and is ideal for walking, golf, tennis, skiing and other sports.
The male version features a built-in fly front.

Discrete and Effective

HiSaver SlimFit
HiSaver SlimFit
HipSaver Quickchange
HipSaver Quickchange

HipSaver Quickchange

HipSaver® QuickChange gives you all the features and benefits of the Nursing Home style but with the convenience of a snap down crotch panel. This allows carers to change incontinence products quickly and easily without having to pull the brief down while the wearer is in a standing or lying down position.
Not suitable for wearers toileting themselves.

Makes changing easier for carers

HIpSaver Open Bottom
HIpSaver Open Bottom

HipSaver Open Bottom

Requested by nursing staff who saw a need for residents to have a garment that permits easy self-toileting. The open crotch design is perfect for patients with urge incontinence or challenges in getting clothing on or off.
HipSaver® Open Bottom is worn against the skin underneath any incontinence products, and allows a resident’s normal underwear to be worn over the top of the protector.

For quick and easy toileting

HipSaver Interim

Immediate professional hip safety, perfect for:

  • New admissions adjusting to new surroundings
  • Acute care and short stay patients
  • Residents with temporary changes in risk factors

HipSaver® Interim does not need to be patient specific because it is not underwear. Keeping a small supply of HipSaver® Interim in stock will ensure that you can offer seamless protection to those patients at risk of falls and fractures.
HipSaver Interims are also available with built-in tailbone protection and are commonly used as pyjama pants.

The perfect stop-gap for your Falls Management Program

HipSaver Interim
HipSaver Interim

HipSaver with Tailbone Protection

When people fall, there’s no guarantee that they will fall directly to one side. Sometimes they fall backwards. Therefore our High Compliance models are now available with permanently sewn-in tailbone protection. This added protection is available in Nursing Home, QuickChange, SlimFit, Interim, Shorts and Track Pants styles (not available in Open Bottom).

Protection for both hips and tailbone

HipSaver with Tailbone Protection
HipSaver with Tailbone Protection
HipSaver Shorts
HipSaver Shorts

HipSaver Shorts and Trackpants

Perfect for both women and men, HipSaver® Shorts and Track Pants have the same all-soft hip protectors and the same proven hip protection as other HipSaver® garments, but in a comfortable, casual style.
HipSaver® Shorts and Track Pants are the perfect alternative for wearers who would prefer their hip protection in an overgarment rather than an undergarment.
Both HipSaver® Shorts and Track Pants are also available with optional built-in tailbone protection
HipSaver® Track Pants are also available with optional built-in knee protection.

Stylish and discrete hip protection in everyday clothing

HipSaver Trackpants
HipSaver Trackpants

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