Medeci Pillow Lifter

Medici Pillow Lifter

The Medici Pillow Lifter helps the user turn their own bed into a hospital bed.

By touching a button, it will sit the user upright or lie down flat on top of the mattress. It can even be used on a double bed with a partner still using the other half of the bed.

The mattress pad has a vapour permeable, four-way stretch waterproof cover, which secures to the frame and a fitted polycotton sheet with a sewn-in pillow pocket plus a spare sheet for the wash.

The Medici Pillow Lifter features a lightweight, powererd Aluminium backrest that sits on top of your existing mattress. It helps you rise and/ or lower your head in bed with comfortable ease.

Ideal for use at home or in care homes.

Powered by a low-voltage transformer with back-up batteries. This enables temporary use of the pillow lifter in the event of a power failure.

The Medici Pillow Lifter is easy to operate, quiet during use and allows sitting angles from 5° to 65°. Adjustable to your ideal, comfortable height by the press of a button.

Medici Pillow Lifter
Medici Pillow Lifter


  • Backrest Width: 750mm
  • Backrest Height: 720mm
  • Mattress Pad Width: 750mm
  • Mattress Pad Length: 280mm
  • Product Weight: 13kg
  • Max. Weight Limit:190kg
Medici Pillow Lifter
Medici Pillow Lifter