Optimal Video Laryngoscope

Optimal Video Laryngoscope

The Conlett Optimal Vision Video Laryngoscope provides high clarity imaging via an adjustable screen.
A 1.3MP video image provides a detailed view of the oesophagus, enabling improved examination accuracy and care of the patient.
An ergonomic handle combined makes the Optimal Vision Laryngoscope easy to use.

Three disposable blade sizes are available.

  •  Mac 2 (Paediatric)
  •  Mac 3
  •  Mac 4


Video Laryngoscope


  • Disposable blades in 3 standardised sizes
  • High resolution, anti-fog imaging
  • Video and still image capture capabilities
  • Laryngoscope body is protected from contamination
  • Screen rotates on 2 axes
  • Rechargeable battery provides 3hrs of continuous use
  • One Mac 3 blade and USB cable for recharging are included with every Video Laryngoscope


  • Overall dimension:70.2 (W)mm×51.7 (H)mm×2.6 (D)mm
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃
  • Relative environment humidity:5~95%RH
  • Storage Temperature:-25℃~+70℃3’’
  • 3" LCD can rotated back and forth 140°, rotated from left to right 0-300°
  • Support AVOUT
  • NTSC-720*480 PAL-720*560 Support NTSC-720*480 PAL-720*560
  • Loop video; Automatically deletes the old file, records the new file
  • Seamless video with the ability for real second to second docking
  • Supports high capacity memory TF card, maximum capacity is 32GB
  • When turned off there is no electric current
  • Lithium battery - 3.7V
  • File stacking time record
  • Low Voltage Alarm (Battery power display above 3.9V shows full power, 3.9V-3.8V shows two bars, 3.8V-3.7V show 1 bar, 3.7V-3.5V show no bars, less 3.5V will auto power-off)

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