AirPod SPU Lateral Transfer Mat

AirPod SPU Lateral Transfer Mats

The AirPod SPU Lateral Transfer Mat is a Patient Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattress that has been been designed to be used for a Single Patient (SPU - Single Patient Use) and as such it is Patient Specific.

Single Patient Use Products are designed to reduce the risks associated with cross contamination and infection.

The AirPod SPU works and functions in a similar fashion to a Hovercraft - Air is blown into the mattress by the means of an external air supply device called the Air Blower. The force of the expulsion of the Air through the perforations located in the base of the Mattress, lifts and raises the mattress off the bed ever so slightly.

The effect of the Air Mattress being raised up, allows for reducing the contact between the Air Mattress and the Bed (or other Transfer Surface) and thereby reducing the friction between the two surfaces.

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  1. Air Hose Inlet Pocket
  2. Product Label
  3. Reinforced Security Straps 
  4. Profiled Head
  5. Reinforced Colour / Size Identification Handles


All AirPod SPU Air Mattresses have an additional FEATURE in the form of a WASH INDICATOR

Should the Air Mattress be washed, the Indicator will highlight and draw attention to Care Provider that the Mattress should not be used.

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AirPod Features

  • Non Slip Top Cover
  • 3PS - Patient Positioning and Placement System
  • Wash Indicator Label
  • Easy to Wipe and Clean
  • Patient Lateral Transfer Weight of Approximately 5% - if used as directed and instructed
  • SWL (Safe Working Load) 500 Kg or 1100 Lbs
  • Compatible with X-Ray and MRI Imaging
  • Surface Neutral
  • Waterproof
  • Anti Static
  • Anti Stain
  • Latex Free
  • High Clearance
  • Available in     34" (86cm)   39" ( 99cm)   50" (127cm) and 34" Half Length
AirPod SPU Air Assisted Lateral Transfer System
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