AirPod Reusable Lateral Transfer Mat

AirPod Resuable Lateral Transfer Mat

AirPod is one of the Most Durable, Versatile and Technically Advanced Patient Air Lateral Transfer & Repositioning System In the World.

Lateral patient transfer and repositioning is a rigorous process that puts both care-givers and patients at risk of injuries.
Air-Pod offers safe patient handling and transfers as well as reducing potential workplace injuries for care givers.

The Airpod is engineered to withstand multiple uses under the most difficult transfers for the widest variety of patient profiles.

The patented technology automatically profiles and self-adjusts to the individual patient. This provides a balanced redistribution of the patient’s body weight for the safest and easiest patient transfer.

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         AirPod Reusable Features

  • HF Welding for Excellent Durability
  • Self Regulating and Self Adjusting
  • Superior Hygiene and Infection Control
  • Advanced Pressure Redistribution
  • Anti Static & MRI Translucent
  • Compatible with Existing Air Supply System
  • 3PS - Patient Positioning and Placement System
  • Can be Laundered if soiled or wiped with surface cleaner
  • Patient Lateral Transfer Weight of Approximately 5% - if used as directed and instructed
  • SWL (Safe Working Load) 500 Kg or 1100 Lbs
  • Anti Stain
  • Latex Free
  • Available in    39" ( 99cm)   50" (127cm) 

AirPod Patented Technology
A series of 34 “AirPods” work together to automatically profile and self-adjust to the individual patient. The effect of the intra-communication between the Airpods, evenly redistributes the pull/push forces for a sale, easy transfer.

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Durable HF Welds with Reinforcements
While other lateral transfer systems are either Heat Sealed or sewn, the multi-use AirPods is the only Lateral Transfer Mattress that is 100% HF Welded. This makes the Airpod extremely durable. Our permanent precision bonding prevents air leakage and ingress of fluids. Reinforced straps, handles, covers and closures ensures reliability, safety and performance for multiple uses.

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Superior Hygiene & Infection Control
The HF Welding and the construction and design of the Airpod prevents ingress of fluids. Each AirPod contains and maintains its own micro environment. The AirPod is made from materials that are machine washable in institutional laundries and compatible for use with almost all known disinfecting wipes and solutions. Unlike other Air Mattresses, when the Air Blower is Turned-Off, the PODS Self-Seal. There is no ingression of Fluids and/or Contaminants into the Main Chamber of the Air Mattress

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Excellent Pressure Redistribution
The AirPod can be left under the patient. Pressure mapping illustrates that AirPod has excellent pressure redistribution qualities for superior patient comfort and prevention of pressure ulcers.

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