Falls Alarms

Fall Alarms

Smart Caregiver Falls Alarms have been a trusted name and industry pioneer in Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering Solutions for over 20 years.  Each  system must pass rigorous testing and exceed industry standards for quality and reliability.

Smart Caregiver Corporation™ products are engineered specifically to be tough, reliable and user-friendly. Smart Caregiver Corporation™ Wireless remote alert systems are the cutting edge of technology at a fraction of the price of some competitor’s products.

Smart Caregiver Alarms

The Smart Caregiver range of fall prevention products are designed to help caregivers eliminate falls with early notification that a person who is a fall or wandering risk is about to get up and walk or wander. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. Whether the need is in the home, a nursing facility, aged care facility or assisted living facility, Smart Caregiver can provide a silent, audible and /or visual fall prevention or anti-wandering system.

Systems are available for 

  • Bed Exit Monitoring
  • Chair Exit Monitoring
  • Door Exit Monitoring
  • Motion Activated Alarms
  • Anti-Wandering Solutions
  • Portable Paging Systems
Wired Alarms

Wired Fall Monitors / Exit Alarms 

Fall Monitors & Exit Alarms are designed to alert caregivers when an individual, who may be at-risk, needs assistance - so you can get to them before they fall!
Smart Caregiver monitors feature Corded, Cord Free, and Pull-String designs to fit any application

Wireless Fall Prevention Systems

Cord Free Fall Monitors means no noise in room! This allows placement of  a monitor where it is needed.
We have flexible wireless monitors that communicate with pagers and other remote devices to facilitate resident monitoring from one central location.

Anti Wandering Solutions

Anti Wandering solutions allow a carer to monitor the movement of clients. Motion Sensors, Door / Window Exit Alarms and Easy-to-Install Anti-Wandering Double Door Bar Systems all connect to central monitors to maintain the safety of clients 

Smart Care Product Range

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