FD Fall and GPS Monitor


An SOS alarm that works anywhere – not just at home. When the SOS button is pressed it immediately sends GPS location & starts calling up to 5 people, it also features an automatic fall detection system.
With the FD Mobile Alarm you can go anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for people who want to feel safe everywhere – not just at home.

It is a simple to use and works using today’s modern mobile network.
With built in GPS tracking the pendant can send help messages showing the wearers location on Google Maps accurate to within 2 metres



  • Works wherever there is Telstra 3G, 4G & LTE mobile coverage (98.5% of Australia).
  • Calls up to 5 friends or family (can call 000) until someone answers.
  • Has 2-way “hands-free” voice communication with high quality, easy to hear audio.
  • Automatic fall detection. Sends “fall alert” text with location & calls up to 5 contacts.
  • Uses GPS and Google maps to send your location to your contacts immediately.
  • Family & friends can call the pendant. Pendant can call out to nominated contacts.
  • Pendant is shower & rain proof, comfortable and lightweight.
  • Price includes SIM card, setup and delivery. Completely ready to go out of the box.
  • No contracts or monitoring fees. 12 month warranty.


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