Olympic Vac-Pac

Olympic Vac-Pacs

Olympic Vac-Pacs have been used for more than 40 years in thousands of hospitals—on literally millions of cases—for improved surgical positioning.
Vac-Pacs are soft pads, available in various sizes and shapes, filled with thousands of tiny plastic beads. 

The Vac-Pac is molded around the patient, then a suction line is attached. As a vacuum is created inside the Vac-Pac, outside atmospheric pressure forces the beads together, and the Vac-Pac becomes firm.
When the suction line is disconnected, the Vac-Pac retains its firm, molded shape to hold the patient securely in position. 

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vac pac3

After surgery, when the Vac-Pac valve is opened to allow air to re-enter, the Vac-Pac becomes soft again, ready for reuse.
In addition to providing more stable and comfortable patient positioning, Vac-Pacs save valuable time for the entire OR team on every case.

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  • Keeps patient stable & secure
  • Better patient presentation
  • Help prevent pressure points
  • Faster, easier setup
  • Any vacuum source can be used including OR wall suction, aspirator pumps or any other convenient vacuum source
  • Excellent radio-transparency with minimal & clearly identifiable artifacts
  • MRI compatible


More Comfortable
The Vac-Pac conforms comfortably to the patient’s body.

Positions Patient Securely
Vac-Pacs mold completely to the patient, positioning more securely than sandbags, towel rolls, and other devices.

Saves Time
Patients can be positioned quickly and easily using Vac-Pacs and, if necessary, be repositioned during a case.

Better Site Presentation
With Vac-Pacs the patient can be positioned exactly as the surgeon desires for the best presentation of the operative site.

Extremities Accessible
With Vac-Pacs patients can often be placed in positions that could not be easily achieved using other positioning devices. The patient’s arms and legs can be maneuvered as necessary, often without needing to change the position of the Vac-Pac.

Helps Prevent Pressure Points
A Vac-Pac supports all parts of the patient uniformly. The patient’s weight is distributed evenly, instead of being supported only by the bony prominences, which cause pressure point injuries.

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