Lift Seat Vertica

Lift Seat Vertica

Powered Vertical Toilet Seat Lift

The Lift Seat Vertica rises vertically upwards with no tilt at any point in its movement. It will slowly and smoothly lower you, under power, to a sitting position over your toilet to enable you to toilet independently, and then raise you back up to your feet. The vertical movement and high rise means people who need to lock their knees before standing, can do so.

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  • Safe toileting at home gives you independence
  • Lowers you from a standing position until you are over the toilet
  • Raises you back up from a sitting position
  • Utilises a true vertical rise motion with no tilt
  • Use over your own toilet with no works required
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Safely use the toilet on your own or with reduced care
  • Reduce the risk of falls and associated injuries
  • Liftseat Vertica safe working load is 146 kg
  • Liftseat Vertica Bariatric model SWL is 203 kg


liftseat vertica


Simple 2 button handheld control lowers or raises you utilizing a smooth action. A large buttoned hand control is also available for those who need it, such as people with impaired hand strength or vision problems.


The Lift Seat Home models come with this seat as standard. It makes transfer easy, and is smooth with rounded edges.


This is unique to Lift Seat, making us the world’s only powered bedside commode. For clients in their homes it means if they cannot make it to their toilet, the toilet can go to them; either bedside or in the lounge. This can be a temporary move – such as after surgery – or a permanent one. As the Lift Seat does not need ground fixing over the toilet nor anywhere else, it is quick and easy to transport and place in the required position.


All Lift Seats come with 2 batteries, with one being plugged into the motor and therefore used to move the unit and a second on charge. They can then be swapped over to ensure continuity of use.

Lift Seat also provides a cable for hard wiring into a fuse spur, or perhaps hard wired in to a shower toilet, such as Geberit or Clos-O-Mat.


The frame of every Lift Seat has the ability to receive 4 feet – one in the corner of each frame, which act as self levelers if an uneven floor is encountered.

Lift Seat also has a range of 4 heights of feet that allow clients to adjust the height of the unit to better suit their needs.


It is vital that any toileting product such as the Lift Seat fits over toilets that are often placed in tiny bathrooms. Our streamlined and compact design allows the Lift Seat to fit in virtually every type of bathroom and over every type of toilet. Although the Vertica is slightly wider than our standard Home Liftseat, it is still compact enough to fit into even the tightest of bathrooms.

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