Systam PolyAir Cushion

Systam PolyAir Cushion

Polyair® Cushions are medical cushions used to prevent pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores). They use air-cell technology which is widely recognised as the best way of preventing pressure ulcers in seated patients.

This cushion can be used for patients with any level of risk and for people who already have pressure ulcers. The Polyair cushion is suitable for use on wheelchairs, riser recliner chairs, car seats and other types of seating.


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The POLYAIR cushions are named after their cell height (in millimetres).

POLYAIR® 100 = 100mm / 10cm / 4 inches high
POLYAIR® 60 = 60mm / 6cm / 2.4 inches high

Maximum user weight for POLYAIR® cushions is 31.5 stone (200kg).

3 Year warranty on all POLYAIR® cushions, and 2 years on covers.

Both sized cushions are available in either single or two compartments. (Limited sizes available for single compartment cushions)

The two compartment cushions are suitable to be used any way round (depending on access to the inflation valves), to provide a solution to either a left/right or a front/back configuration. The separate compartments can be inflated to the same level, or at different levels to manage situations such as pelvic imbalance.

  • Pressure ulcer cushion for wheelchairs and day chairs
  • Pressure sore prevention cushion for the elderly and disabled. Very high risk stage 1 to 4
  • Roho equivalent pressure sore prevention cushion
  • Pressure sore relief and treatment cushion for the at risk
  • PolyAir cushions for very high risk pressure ulcers
  • There are a range of sizes available to suit most chairs


Polyair has a number of key advantage over other static air cell cushions

  • The cover is manufactured from Laxprene® material which is very flexible and elastic with a high tear strength which increases the cushions durability when compared with other similar products manufactured from Neoprene. The cover is manufactured using dipping technology which makes it extremely thin but with a constant thickness throughout.
  • The cushion has a gauge to assist in setting up, this makes it possible for the cushion to be set up by a person without experience in setting up air cell cushions.
  • The Polyair cushion uses a honeycomb design, unlike other aircell products, which leads to better stability, while the user is seated.
  • Like all aircell cushions, this cushion has excellent levels of immersion and envelopment, which are the key features in reducing interface pressure and therefore avoiding pressure ulcers
  • POLYAIR® cushion valves are all non-leak (like the tyres on a car), meaning that if the pump is not attached, the valve will not leak the air from the cushion.
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