Exgel Pressure Relieving Gel Cushions

Exgel Cushions

Exgel is a pressure care cushion that was developed out of a soft and stable material to reduce the risk of decubitus-bedsores
EXGEL’s flexibility is extremely high; it can stretch 20 times in size and is then able to restore to its original form.
It’s soft, slow resilience, and low repulsive nature is gentle to human skin.
EXGEL has an excellent shock absorbability and proved 5 to 10 times higher shock absorbability than general urethane foam

Exgel Cushions
Exgel Cushions

EXGEL produce high-quality cushions in Japan using a gel material.
The gel moves to fit and support your body. The cushions are made from layers of high density urethane foam with a top layer of Exgel gel. The cushion is available in four models and a range of sizes suitable for adults.
The range includes contoured cushions that provide increased postural support and pressure distribution. The removable synthetic cover has a slip resistant base. The cushion is suitable for a person at medium risk of developing pressure areas.

Exgel Owl Cushion
Exgel Mini Cushion