Merits Power Pack

Merits Power Pack

The Merit Power Pack converts a manual wheelchair to an electric wheelchair for use over long distances and rough terrain. The unit allows electric driving and braking and is operated by two drive wheels which propel the wheelchair. The wheels can be lifted up off of the ground when not in use, without detaching the unit from the wheelchair.

The unit can be fitted to a most manual wheelchairs, including self-propelling and push / transit wheelchairs with a folding or rigid frame between 406mm (16") and 560mm (22") in width.

The drive unit is attached to brackets that are fitted on to the wheelchair near the rear of the backrest. The battery is fitted on top of the wheels. The attendant control is mounted onto the push handles and attached to the drive unit by a flex-cord.

Merits Power Pack
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The drive unit and batteries can be disengaged via quick release mechanisms for transportation. The brackets remain on the chair but do not interfere with the folding of the wheelchair, nor significantly add to its weight. A travel bag is provided with the pack to facilitate transport.

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