Wymo Pool Access Hoist

Wymo Pool Access Hoist

The Wymo Pool and Spa Access Hoist gives the user the freedom to enjoy the simple pleasure of a summer swim or a relaxing spa. The pool and spa hoist provides accessibility to the aged and people with minor to severe physical disabilities and is available in carer operated models only.

The seat is positioned so that the user can transfer to the spa and pool hoist. Once they have transferred, the seat is pivoted around the post and over the water by the carer before lowering into the water by the winch operated by use of a hand control unit. The hoist is then lowered into the spa or pool at the right depth for the user.

The Classic Pool Access Hoist  comes standard with solar charging and seat stabilization

Features Include

  • SWL 140Kg Static Load 210Kg
  • Primary fail safe through motor 24 volt operation, 
  • Batteries included
  • Solar Charged and mains charged
  • Seat stabilization
  • Stainless Steel construction, 
  • Powder coated Light Grey
  • Winch tested to 600Kg
  • Shock load suspension
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • Compliant to the Building Code of Australia 3:10
wymo pool hoist
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