Patient Positioning Straps

Patient Positioning Straps

The Patient Positioning Straps are a durable safety strap and are ideal for specific positioning and security of the patient on the operating table.
They are Single Patient Use to prevent cross contamination.

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Disposable patient positioning straps are used to ensure correct and safe positioning when on the operating table. These Positioning Straps – SPU are non-conductive, single-use, reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination and allow for easy disposal.
Proper patient positioning is critical to patient safety, a durable safety strap is often required for specific positioning techniques and positions.
Our SPU Positioning Straps will reduce the risk of patient injury and maximise patient safety.
They are made from a soft flexible material with a strong velcro closure.

  • Latex free
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Strong and easily adjustable
  • Not rail specific
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