StaminaLift TS6000

StaminaLift TS6000

Reduce healthcare workplace injuries with the latest StaminaLift® TS6000 Transfer System. The result of extensive research development and field testing the new StaminaLift® TS6000 Transfer System is unlike any other hospital bed mover.

Staminalift is proud to announce the release of a special purpose designed bariatric bed mover, the TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System. The result of extensive research, development and field testing, our new StaminaLift TS6000 Bariatric Bed Mover has been specifically designed to overcome the need to use 4-6 people to safely perform a bariatric bed shift. (where long corridors and/or ramps are involved). The TS6000 Bed Mover is a new generation of the immensely popular TS5000. Utilizing our unique patented jaw attachment system, the TS6000 will accommodate the large and heavy bariatric ward beds easily, and safely assist with the shifting of bariatric ward beds with a single operator to within any accessible part of the hospital. It is the most robust and heavy-duty hospital bed mover on the market. Additionally, the TS6000 use is not restricted to just a bariatric bed mover, as it effortlessly overcomes the problematic shifts of specialist Sand Beds and Water Floatation beds. Your staff will love using the TS6000 because it is a pleasure to operate, and you will appreciate it for its universal compatibility – the ability to connect to a wide range of bariatric beds and stretchers.

StaminaLift TS6000
StaminaLift TS6000

With the TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System you can move:

  • A wide range of bariatric and other hospital beds including: Hill-Rom, ArjoHuntleigh, Stryker and Linet
  • Sand beds
  • Water floatation beds
  • Most patient stretchers
  • Some linen carts and trolleys
StaminaLift TS6000

Key Benefits:

  • Unmatched compatibility with bariatric, sand, water flotation and acute care beds and stretchers
  • Easy to use – intuitive, effortless one-person operation
  • Injury prevention – fingertip controls require minimal muscle activation and an ergonomically correct operation eliminates the muscular strain that is associated with manual bed pushing injuries


  • Universal Compatibility – Designed for global bariatric bed compatibility
  • Adjustable Jaws to suit Bariatric bed
    Wheelbase width: 550mm to 1010mm
  • Castor sizes: Ø125mm to Ø200mm (single and double)
  • Jaw Bypass – releases bed in an emergency
  • Brake Bypass – allows free-wheeling in an emergency
  • 900 kg Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Adjustable handle to suit operator height
  • Works on all indoor surfaces, non-marking wheels
  • Battery charger suits 120V and 240V AC supply
  • Unique patented technology
  • Dual drive360 degree movement
  • Quiet operation:65dB
  • Keyless control with safety lockout – to prevent unauthorised use
  • One person operation
  • Hands free connect and lock
  • Fingertip control
  • No muscular strain
  • Automatic braking
  • Sufficient charge to operate for a standard shift
  • Compact – operates within standard lifts or elevators

Universally Compatible with Acute Care Beds and Most Stretchers

While many hospital bed movers can only move a limited range of beds, and few are able to move stretchers, the universally compatible StaminaLift TS6000 does it all. The TS6000 is compatible with over 95% of the globally available acute care beds and many stretchers, including, but not limited to, those manufactured by Stryker, Hill-Rom, Linet and Arjo-Huntleigh.

All hospitals have a variety of makes, models and ages of beds and the chances are excellent that the TS6000 can move them.



Hands-free attachment – no bending needed

Attaching to a bed, stretcher or trolley is completely hands-free. There is no need for bending or grappling with connections – the StaminaLift does it all for you. Simply position the StamiConnecting the StaminaLift TS500 to a bednaLift at the wheels of the equipment to be moved and activate the patented StaminaLift “Connect & Lock” jaw mechanism by pressing the connect button on the control panel. Connection can be made at either end of the bed. Once connected, the TS5000 adds only 180 – 200 mm in length to a typical hospital bed.

The jaw mechanism is compatible with wheel bases from 550 mm to 840 mm and wheel diameters from 125 mm – 200 mm.

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