Pull String Alarm Monitor

Pull String Alarm Monitor

Lifetime Warranty  -  If it breaks  -  We Fix It

Lifetime Warranty

No more replacing expensive pull-string monitors! Our policy is simple: If it breaks, we replace it - FREE
The virtually indestructable protective cover will stop the monitor from breaking when dropped.
Many facilities like the convenience of a pullstring but hate having to replace them all the time.

Locking Mounting Strap
The integrated, locking mounting strap easily and securely mounts to chair backs. Clip attaches to clients clothing. Alarm activates upon separation.

Pull String Alarm Monitor
pull string monitor

Key Features:
• Unbreakable affordable
• Magnet alarm resets when magnet is replaced
• Thick, impact resistant cover
• Battery included (1 x 9V)
• Unbreakable Protective Casing
• Stand-alone unit

pullstring monitor