Chair Alarm Belts

Chair Alarm Belts

Early-Warning Chair Belts

Know before resident gets up!

For Use With Wheelchair Exit Alarms
These early warning seat belts are designed for use with wheelchairs and all of our Corded Fall Monitors
Early Warning
The Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts reduce falls by triggering an alert when the Easy Release Buckle is unbuckled or the Quick Release Hook & Loop strap is opened. This notifies a caregiver before a resident attempts to leave their chair.
Both the Easy Release and Quick Release seat belts preserve resident’s freedom of movement by not acting as a restraint. The Quick Release Seat Belt is ideal for residents with low dexterity as the Hook & Loop strap can be easily unfastened with one hand.

IMPORTANT: Seat Belts are not designed to restrain or hold individuals in position in their chairs

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Key Features:
• Easy Release Seat Belt features a large, red button that is easy to locate and release with one finger
• Quick Release Seat Belt features an easily grasped Hook & Loop strap which unfastens quickly even for those with limited dexterity
• Easy Installation

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For use with one of the following Alarm Monitors:

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