Disposable Coversheets

Disposable Coversheets

Disposable Coversheets PERFORATED 

The Disposable Sheet can be placed on top of the HoverMatt to add extra protection. It features an absorbent top and impervious underside material, and is electronically weakened down the center to allow for easy removal. The Disposable Sheet may be used with the HoverMatt transfer mattress in any patient care department to keep it clean, and is especially applicable in the ER, OR and during any procedure that results in excessive bodily fluids.

Perforated Cover Sheet
Perforated Cover Sheet


  • Unique zippered perforation allows sheet to be torn away without the need for rolling a patient
  • Clean bed sheet can be positioned underneath the disposable, thereby reducing the risk of manual-handling injuries to staff from rolling
  • Particularly useful for bariatric patients
  • Reduces workload of nurses
  • Cost effective
  • Comes in sealed packs of 5
  • Carton 100 (20 x sealed packs of 5)
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Hovermatt Transfer Technology System or as a stand alone item
coversheet perf specs

Disposable Coversheets  PINKIES Absorbant Bed Covers

Pinkies – Absorbable Bed Covers are constructed from a non-woven polyacrylamide (PAA) material, with a quilt of fluid absorbing crystals and a waterproof pink polyethylene (PE) backing to prevent fluids escaping from beneath.

Pinkies are perfect for the Operating Suite, Midwifery, ED, ICU, GP Clinics, Aged Care, Veterinary Clinics, Funeral Homes, Home Care. Their applications are endless!

The Pinkies are available in 5 sizes.  The Ultra Pinkies are the largest size of the Pinkies available and are ideal for use in conjunction with the Reusable HoverMatt® in the Operating Room to protect the HoverMatt® with an absorbable width of 75cm, (20cm more than most other commercially available pads).


  • Emergency cover for stretchers
  • Patient underpad
  • Worktop/work area covers
  • Protection of areas vulnerable to damaging secretions
  • Drop sheet
Coversheets Pinkies
Coversheets Pinkies


  • Save on laundry costs
  • Patient will feel dry
  • Disposable and environmentally friendly
  • Hygienic

Benefits of the Ultra Pinkie:

  • 4 Adhesive tabs for secure positioning
  • Patient will feel dry
  • Disposable & environmentally friendly
  • Absorb up to 12L of fluid


coversheets pinkies specs

Disposable Coversheets    SUPER ABSORBANT

Disposable Cover Sheets Super Absorbent are constructed from non-woven PAA material with high fluid absorbing SAP crystals sandwiched between the quilted fabric layers.

Constructed from non-woven PAA material with high fluid absorbing SAP crystals sandwiched between the quilted fabric layers †. Its blue PE backing prevents fluids escaping from beneath. Disposable and environmentally friendly. Single use, hygienic and saves on laundry bills.

Ideal usage:

  • Emergency cover for stretchers and operating theatre tables
  • Suitable for use with bariatric patients


Coversheets Super Absorbant
Coversheets Super Absorbant


  • Full bed coverage
  • Suitable for bariatric patients
  • Absorbent on one side and waterproof on the other
  • Super absorbent centre strip
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for high fluid loss procedures in theatres
  • Can be used in conjunction with the HoverMatt Transfer
  • Technology System or as a stand-alone item
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