Handy Cup

This two handled transparent cup has an extra wide base that provides stability, reducing the possibility of accidental spills. The angled design allows a person to drink without having to tip their head back to drain the cup. It can also be tipped beyond the point where a normal cup would touch the bridge of the nose. This is ideal for individuals who lose confidence in their mobility or suffer problems relating to dexterity.
The user requires little (or no) neck movement to be able to use the cup.
The cup is entirely dishwasher and microwave safe.
It also comes complete with lid with drinking spout.




A cup that allows less mobile user to retain their independence despite problems with mobility
• A dual handle helps those with dexterity problems to grip the cup with ease
• The angle means that the cup will drain without having to tilt the head back all the way
• Holds 237ml and weighs 112g.
• Available in Clear, Red, Green or Blue.

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