Hepro Gripo Alu Support Pole

Hepro Gripo Alu Support Pole

A free standing floor to ceiling transfer system, that is easy to install, portable and height adjustable. It is used to assist a person with transfers in a variety of situations, including from a toilet or chair or getting out of a bath or bed.
The system has a gas tensioned telescopic pole which is mounted between the floor and the ceiling without using nails, screws or tools. There is a range of accessories available for use with the pole


* The telescopic pole is mounted between the floor and the ceiling without using nails, screws or tools 
* The supplier states that the best place for mounting is below the ceilings' nailing strips or joists. If the ceiling is strong enough, the pole can be placed anywhere in the room 
* The pole can be placed on any floor surfaces including wet areas and on tiles 
* The floor should be even, but the ground plate will adapt to rough floors to some extent, an adjustable angle top plate for sloping ceilings is available as an accessory 
* Slip resistant base plate (floor) and top plate (ceiling)

* A built-in gas-spring maintains a constant pressure between the floor and the ceiling to ensure that the Gripo Alu is safely secured 
* A red colour warning will appear if the pole is mounted incorrectly or is in danger of loosening

* Universal connector 
* Hanging grip for "sister assistance" 
* "Sister assistance" 
* Triangle grip 
* Handrail tube 750mm, diameter 22mm with or without moss rubber 
* Handrail tube 750mm, diameter 40mm 
* Handrail tube 1600mm, diameter 40mm 
* Seat 
* Table rectangular 
* Vertical Mini-grip diameter 22mm 
* Semi hand grip 
* Top plate Big 
* Adjustable top plate for sloping ceiling

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