Threshold Ramps

These wheelchair threshold ramps are designed for doorways. Made of aluminium with a non slip surface.

Available in 4 different lengths and 2 different widths.


threshold Ramp
threshold Ramp

Features and specifications:

  • Designed for doorways
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Anti Slip High traction surface
  • Light weight easy to handle and set up
  • Holes punched in each top corner for securing to doorway
  • Maximum ramp capacity 136kg one axel and 272kg two axels


A one piece ramp made from slip resistant recycled rubber, designed for use at door ways or abrupt surface transitions.
Can be laid in place or permanently fixed with adhesive.
Available in 5 heights, from 15mm to 35mm, and 900mm long

These items can be trimmed to size

Latex Threshold Ramps
Latex Threshold Ramps
Rubber Wedge Ramp
Rubber Wedge Ramp

Aluminium Access Ramps

One piece Aluminium Access Ramp with reinforced edges, non slip[ contoured surface and drainage slots

Available in 3 lengths



One piece Access Ramps
One piece Access Ramps

Single Folding Ramps

These Aluminium ramps are Light Weight, easy to handle & set up.

  • They fold in half and can be carried like a suitcase
  • Durable welded aluminium fabrication
  • Anti slip traction surface
  • Full 76cm width platform provides excellent stability for both 3 & 4 wheel model scooters and wheelchairs
  • 272kg carrying capacit
  • Available in 61cm (2ft) 91cm (3ft) 122cm (4ft) 152cm (5ft) 183cm (6ft) and 213cm (7ft)lengths
Folding Ramps
Folding Ramps

PVI MultiFold Ramps

These innovative wheelchair ramps fold up like a suitcase with a carry handle. Their unique folding design makes them easy to carry and store.
The ramps unfold to a 76cm wide platform, not narrow rails. They are ideal for wheelchairs and scooters with three or four wheels. All aluminum construction, light in weight for their size, yet have a loading capacity of up to 272kg.
A new feature is you can separate the 2 half's easily for easier carrying.
There are 5 sizes ranging from 152cm (5ft) to 366cm (12ft) with a 76cm wide platform.

PVI MultiFold Ramp
PVI MultiFold Ramp
PVI Multi Fold Ramp
PVI Multi Fold Ramp
PVI MUlti Fold