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GENTEEL Blood Lancing Device

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The Painless Lancing Device for People with Diabetes

The Genteel® Lancing Device is a great way to have PAIN FREE blood testing conducted. Even better you can give your fingers a break due to being able to use the device just about anywhere on the body! Personalise your Genteel® Lancing Device with a range of colours available.

With its patented Butterfly Touch Technology, the Genteel Lancing Device tests blood sugar without pain from anywhere on the body. That means no sore fingers! Using vacuum, vibration, and depth control, the lancet reaches the blood capillaries, but never the deeper pain nerves. This means you can retrieve the perfect drop for blood sugar checks, even from the shallowest test site.

Gentler Blood Sugar Checking

Genteel is the world’s only lancing device that uses vacuum and depth control to draw blood from anywhere on the body.

This innovative, pain-free technology allows users with diabetes to check blood sugar anywhere on the body, giving sore fingertips a break.

How Genteel Gives Your Fingers a Break

FDA Cleared* to Test Anywhere on the Body

Experience a Painless Blood Draw

Genteel uses its patented 3-step process for getting the perfect drop every time. Never again have “insufficient blood” appear on the meter.

1. Place Genteel on the skin and push Activation Button
2. Keep finger on Activation Button to use the vacuum (4-10 secs)
3. Release Activation Button, then lift Genteel to reveal right size blood drop

Vacuum-Based Effortless Application

Unique vacuum procedure pulls blood to the surface so there’s no need for uncomfortable squeezing after lancing or relancing again and again.

Genteel’s precise depth control allows you to extract the perfect blood sample every single time you push the Activation Button with no re-lancing ever needed.

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