Skin Protection

As people age their skin changes and becomes more fragile and prone to skin tears and damage. Skin protection  products protect fragile skin from sustaining damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion and and pressure that could lead to skin breakdowns, tears and splits. They can also help to heal existing skin tears, splits and lacerations without the restriction of bandages and dressings


The ultimate impact protection for frail skin
Frail skin on legs and arms is easily damaged and slow to heal. Protect-a-Limb® with Coolmax® holds the answer

Protect-a-Limb® protects the limbs from skin tears and skin damage. It is light in weight and yet bulky enough to protect. Aged Care Health Professionals highly recommend Protect-a-Limb® as a truly effective means of preventing recurring skin tears, with the resultant saving to healthcare costs. It is easy and fast to apply when compared to other methods of protection.

protect a limb
protect a limb

As people age, their skin begins to change.
Aged care workers have been accustomed to dealing with these changes to elderly people’s skin by moisturising and protecting the limb from the environment. This process has worked quite well in the past, but there has always been a concern with the type of elastic bandages used to keep the moisture in - this is where Protect-a-Limb® steps in.
This exciting product has been designed to take the tears, bumps and bruises out of life due to its durability, high comfort level, easy application and

soft feel against the skin. Protect-a-Limb® is also extremely cost effective, making it a must in every aged care facility.
Protect-a-Limb® is an Australian made healthcare product designed and tested for Australian conditions.
It has been engineered to ensure the person requiring the garment remains cool in summer and warm in winter – a necessity in our harsh Australian climate. The “cool in summer and warm in winter” element of Protect-a-Limb® is achieved by the unique Coolmax® System. Coolmax®, a registered trademark of INVISTA, is a channelled synthetic fibre on the inner of Protecta-Limb®, surrounded by cotton on the outer surface which is slightly retentive.

Protect a Limb Leg
Protect a Limb Leg
protect a limb
protect a limb

Protect-a-Limb® Features
• Light & Comfortable
• Cool in summer / warm in winter
• Quick and easy to apply
• Cost effective

protect a limb

Coolmax® Features
• Dries faster than other fibres
• Is cost effective - saving time in application
• Gives protection against friction to vulnerable limbs
• Aids in patient comfort
• Wicks away moisture and prevents maceration
• Easy to clean - can be washed as easily as a pair of socks
• Finished to prevent fraying

Care Instructions
Short machine wash on medium cycle.
May be tumble dried warm. Socks should be washed after each wear to maintain their shape.