Gate Bure Walkers and Commodes

GATE Bure Walkers and Commodes

GATE is a Swedish rehabilitation aids company with a long tradition of product research and development. GATE creates new solutions, new possibilities and new opportunities for patients and carers alike by applying new technologies to their passion for design and nursing. 

Among GATE's proprietary products are standtall walkers, rollators and hygiene chairs, all with innovative designs and novel solutions.

GATE's approach to design makes it stand out from the crowd seeking to create products that have their own intrinsic value, are made using modern materials and designs with innovative – sometimes unexpected – solutions.

Gate Stand Tall Walkers

Gate Ortho Stand Tall Walker
Gate Double Stand Tall Walker
Gate XL Stand Tall Walker
Gate Standard Stand Tall Walker

Gate Rise and Go Walker

GATE Rise and Go Walker

Gate Amfibi Hygiene Commodes

Gate Amfibi Basic Commode
Gate Amfibi XL Commode
Gate Amfibi Double Commode
Gate Amfibi Double High Back Commode