Autochair Smart Transfer

Autochair Smart Transfer

The Autochair Smart Transfer Device (previously the Milford Person Lift), has been designed for lifting people from their wheelchair into a car and out again. The mounting post can be fitted to enable the lift to be used on the passenger or drivers side. It can be operated by a helper or the user through a small control box on a flying lead and can be installed in either a 2 or 4 door car.
A 'SmartBase' is also available that can be used with the arm mechanism of the Lifter to form a portable mobile hoist.

The Smart Transfer lift is designed to smoothly transfer a person from their wheelchair into a car seat.
It is made from strong, lightweight aluminium and can lift up to 150kg.
When the lifting device is not in use, it can be easily detached providing the necessary leg room.


The Milford is manufactured in lightweight aluminium. The body of the lift weighs only 8kgs, whilst retaining great strength. People with limited mobility should consider a Milford Person Lift before incurring the costs of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

The Milford Person Lift is designed to lift a person, safely and without putting strain on the carer/ operator or person being lifted.

How it works in 4 simple steps


1. Place the sling onto the seat before or after the user is seated.

2. Securely attach the sling to the 4 point lifting attachment.


3. Using the remote, press the up button to guide the person into the car.

4. Unclip the sling and stow the lift ready for travel.


  • Lifting capacity of up to 150kg
  • Specialised hoist with pivoting points to move a person easily between a wheelchair and a vehicle
  • Can be installed in any 2-door car and most 4-door cars
  • Suitable for both driver and passenger doors
  • Can be operated solo, or by an attendant or carer
  • Optional mounting bracket for in-home use

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