Gel Positioning Pads

Gel Positioning Pads

The positioning gel pads are designed to cover all the major limb supporting areas on a patient that would be required in operating theatres and related areas. They help to maintain comfort for the patient by the reduction, or avoidance of excess pressure which may result in, bed sores, skin shear and potential nerve damage.

The positioning gel pads are composed of Viscoelastic Polymer Gel and free from latex, silicon or plasticizers. They are soft and malleable and as such enable the equalization of weight distribution of the patient’s limbs, so considerably reducing the risks of Pressure Sores (Decubitus Ulcers).


  • Provides safe and comfortable positioning
  • Dispersion of pressure - avoid pressure sores developing
  • Reduce set up time for surgery
  • Easy to clean, can be used with X-ray
  • CE, TGA and ISO certified
  • Made from Viscoelastic Polymer Gel
  • 100% free of Silicone, latex or any plasticizer
  • Work temperature from -10°C to 50°C
  • Good Bio-compatibility with human tissues
  • Cost effective and durable
Gel Positioning Pads
Arm and Shoulder Pads
Chest and Body Pads
Lower Limb Pads
Gel Positioning Pads for Theatre

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