Gentle support for little ones

Neo-Teneo is a range of non- toxic, gel filled positioning cushions that help to alleviate pressure caused by prolonged immobilization. This could be due to other medical conditions, such as assisted ventilation, where the requirement for frequent turning or repositioning of the babies isn’t possible. In preterm babies, bilateral head moulding (plagiocephaly) is common. Less moulding over time will be seen if the babies are using the soft Neo-Teneo. Plagiocephaly does affect the physical appearance sometimes causing uneven growth of the face or head.

Neo-Teneo uses a TPU covering which is strong yet pliable, unlike PVC which cracks and causes fast evaporation of fluid, both of which are of major concern. TPU is also a more durable covering and as such used more nowadays for medical devices.


  • Non-toxic gel in a a strong TPU covered bag, difficult to puncture
  • Soft and gentle on the baby’s skin, ergonomic to use
  • Reuseable and easy to clean
  • Optional Temperature indicator on the mattress
  • Alleviate pressure caused by prolonged immobility
  • To protect fragile preterm skin
  • Absorption of vibrations
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neo teneo specs

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