Secure Infant Eye Shielding for Phototherapy

The Neo-Photoshades have been created to provide a protective and secure eye shield for the infant when they require phototherapy treatment.

The ergonomic shape and softly cushioned structure ensure that the Neo-Photoshades will block any harmful light to the infant’s eyes. Comfortable and soft when attached to the baby’s head and face via the flexible adjustable strap, this evens out the pressure points on the ears and minimises slippage. With three sizes to choose from and conforming shape, they can be adjusted easily to any head size.


• Consists of a very soft conformable PU backing film coated on one surface with a soft silicone adhesive; for use on patients with sensitive or fragile skin such as neonates
• The gentle adhering capability of the silicone gel backing will ensure that the eye shield is in place during the whole process
• The measurements of the fabric and whole eye shields are provided to enable the right size to be selected
• Provides complete blockage of external light due to the high density black fabric backing. The fabric in contact with the eye is pure cotton with no dye

neo photoshades
neo photo spec

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