Infant Nasal CPAP seal ensures constant stable delivery of CPAP.

Neo-Guard has been developed with the help of NICU’s in order to provide a safe and secure use of NCPAP.  Made from hydrocolloid material with an adhesive backing for gently attaching to the baby’s delicate skin without causing damage but of sufficient retention to allow insertion of nasal prongs for NCPAP.


• The Hydrocolloid material is gentle to the skin
• Prevents the prongs from coming into contact with the baby’s nose, so avoiding septum damage and mucosal irritation
• Achieves stable CPAP with a constant nasal seal
• Larger sizes of nasal prongs are not necessary due to the excellent sealing property
• Observation of the condition of the nasal nares and repositioning is easy
• Four sizes are available, compatible with all brands of CPAP currently on the market, over the face or over the head

neo guard
neogurad spec

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