Spill Kits

Spill Kits

Red Z Spill Control Solidifier

Red Z® is a fast and effective way to solidify and deodorise potentially infectious blood and body fluids. 20ml (1oz) solidifies over one litre of water-based fluid.
The Z-line of solidifiers are one of the fastest solidifiers on the market, with the ability of absorbing twice the amount of fluid in the same amount of time, whereas some competitors fail to solidify completely, even after 10 minutes.*

Red Z Spill Kit

*Comparisons based on the time for 45g of each product to completely solidify 2,000 cc’s of 0.9g% NaCI at 25°c


Green Z Spill Control Solidifier

The Green Z® Spill Control Solidifier is a versatile and incinerator friendly fluid control solidifier that can be used in the clean-up of body fluids, chemical or mercury spills. Recommended for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, schools, law enforcement agencies, institutions and etc.

20ml (1oz.) solidifies over one litre of water based fluid.
Green Z Spill Controller

Multi Purpose Spill Kit

This kit solidifies litres of various spills. The easy to carry and store molded plastic case fits easily behind a truck seat, or spill response cart. Developed for use by: medical, industrial, transportation, and spill response personnel.

Multi Purpose Spill Kit

Each Kit contains:

• 1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves
• 1 x Vented Goggles
• 1 x Respirator
• 1 x Green-Z® Solidifier (443ml/15 oz. Bottle)
• 1 x Acid Lock® Solidifier (443ml/15 oz. Bottle)
• 1 x Alky® Solidifier (443ml/15 oz. Bottle)
• 1 x Petro Lock Absorbent (236ml/8 oz. Bottle)
• 3 x Scoop/Scraper
• 1 x Caution Tape Roll
• 1 x Drop Cloth
• 1 x Zammie® Sewer Stopper (91 x 106cm)
• 3 x Clear Disposal Bags (76 x 94cm)
• 3 x Twist Ties
• 1 x D.O.T. Incident Report Tag
• 1 x Instructions

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