IndeeLift HFL 550

IndeeLift HFL 550

The IndeeLift HFL-550P was developed specifically to eliminate floor-lift related injuries to the health care staff and the patients! 
The revolutionary design allows the fallen individual to be lifted from the floor with drastically reduced chance of injury to the care provider or the patient.

IndeeLift HFL-550P makes getting a patient off the floor simple and dignified. It is as easy as wheeling the IndeeLift HFL to where the fallen person is and assisting them to the sitting position and or onto the seat. With the simple push of a button on the wired remote, the fallen person is safely and easily raised off the floor to a maximum height of 53cm in under 60seconds.

The IndeeLifts small footprint (66cm by 71cm) and small turning radius allows it to be quickly and easily delivered to the point of any fall, turning most falls into quickly recoverable non-events.

indeelift 550
HFL Features/Functionality
The IndeeLift HFL is designed to meet the specifications and requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The HFL-550 lifts a fallen person from the floor and allows them to get up and walk away or to transfer directly to a wheel chair.
Easy Portability
The HFL-550 is a portable lift that is rolled around on its wheels like a traditional dolly. The small footprint allows it to be positioned in many places other lifts simply cannot go.  With a turning radius of 81cm, the HFL can go just about anywhere including all ADA accessible bathrooms.
Mounting Ramp
The HFL patent-pending design includes a mounting ramp seat that eliminates the need to ever “lift” a patient manually.  With no complex cradles or harness to configure the HFL allows fall recovery to be a simple and quick. One who has fallen can be up within one minute of scooting on to the HFL.
Wired Remote Control
The wired remote control has a 10’ (3m) retractile cord allowing the care provider the greatest flexibility while assisting the patient on to and up with the lift as necessary.
Adjustable and/or Removable Rise-Assist handles
The comfortable armrests have been engineered to operate as Rise-Assist handles to provide leverage for the seated party to assist in the process of standing once they are up from the floor.
The HFL-550-P includes width-adjustable Rise-Assist handles to support almost all body sizes. The armrest/handles adjust from 50cm to 71cm in width to accommodate the largest of persons.  The handles are removable to allow a direct transfer to a wheelchair or other destination.
Rechargeable Battery
The HFL-550-P comes standard with a rechargeable battery pack and a built-in charging system.  Low-battery indicators let the operator know when a charge is required.  The HFL-550-P will still operate multiple times after the charge indicator illuminates, so the operator can recharge the unit at a convenient time.  Charging of the HFL-550-P is accomplished by simply plugging it into a standard AC power outlet.  The small footprint, light weight and dolly design allows for positioning the HFL-550-P in even the tightest spaces with minimal effort.
The Problem
People fall down and they cannot get up. Professional health care providers are challenged with the physical limitations of their elderly and disabled patients.  Health care workers experience more than three times the number of debilitating back and spinal injuries than the national average when compared to all other work environments. Many health care workers careers have been ended abruptly by back and spinal injury primarily related to lifting patients in their care. Lift related patient and caregiver injury and the related impacts to the work/care environment are a major challenge for professional health care providers!
The Solution
“The Human Floor Lift” or HFL was designed to lift a person safely from the floor without causing injury to a caregiver or the person needing help.
With the HFL, a care provider rolls the IndeeLift directly to the location of the fall.  The fallen then scoots onto the seat. The provider activates the lift and less than a minute later the fallen person is now sitting comfortably, able to take their time recovering from the fall before getting up and walking away or transferring to a wheel chair when appropriate.

The IndeeLift HFL turns what is often a harrowing and difficult experience for the patient and care giver into a safe easily-recoverable nonevent!

Who is the HFL-550-P designed and built for?
The HFL is designed to be the “People Picker Upper”!  Whether age, disability, disease, or accident has left one unable to get up from the floor, IndeeLift is the answer to getting up while maintaining safety and dignity of one who has fallen and the care giver.  The physically disabled, injured veterans, victims of accidents, and victims of many muscular debilitating diseases who are prone to falling with limited strength and the inability to get up now have a safe effective answer to getting up without getting injured further.

The HFL-550-P is designed to be used in acute hospitals, skilled nursing, assisted living and long term care/retirement facilities.

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IndeeLift HFL
indeelift hfl 550 spec

The HFL is designed and engineered to safely lift a person of up to 250kgs. from the floor to a seated position up to 53cm from the floor as defined in the Americans with Disability Act specifications for accessible seating.

Allows for easy transfer to a chair, bed or wheelchair

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