IndeeLift HFL 500E

IndeeLift HFL 500E for Emergency Services

The IndeeLift HFL-500-E is a portable and lightweight human floor lift which has been specifically designed for the emergency services. It eliminates manual handling of patients on medical emergencies or lift – assist call outs.
IndeeLift – Bridges the Gap from the ground to the stretcher

The IndeeLift HFL-500E for the Emergency Services addresses the growing problem facing the Emergency Service first responders when called out to lift a patient off the ground.
Ambulatory or immobile patients can easily be lifted from the ground in a seated position to a height of 53cm in 60 seconds, allowing them to stand and walk away or they can be transferred directly to a wheelchair or stretcher.

The IndeeLift HFL-500-E weighs only 23kgs yet easily lifts and transports a patient weighing up to 227kgs, virtually eliminating lift related injuries to the emergency responders and their patients.

  • No bending or manual lifting
  • Can transport patients through tight spaces, even around corners
  • Comes with chest and lap seat belts
  • Allows direct transfer to stretcher or chair
  • Folding design
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Optional Stair Tracks available for easy transport of a patient down the stairs
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Indeelift HFL
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