Wireless Call Button and Alarm System

Wired Call Button and Light System

The 2007-SYS Emergency Call Light System includes a wireless nurse call button with pull cord, reset button, and call alarm with light and is ideal for bathroom and hallway notification systems. All components are easily mounted on most surfaces with no hard wiring required.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • No programming required
  • Audible & Visible Alert
  • No hard wiring- DIY installation
  • Can be programmed to work with the TL-2015 Large Facility Central Monitor
  • Ideal for bathroom use
Wireless Call Button&Light
wireless call button

Benefits of the 2007-SYS

  • Simple & easy to install - each item can generally be installed in less than 5 minutes with the included screws. (2 screws per item)

  • No programming required - just install and use!

  • Call & Reset Buttons are waterproof, so you don't have to worry about mounting them in wet areas where they are truly needed. 

  • Expandable - do you have multiple stalls in your restroom? Need more pull-string emergency call buttons? No problem! You can use up to 10 emergency pull cords per monitor.

  • Very economical - hardwired emergency bathroom call buttons for the elderly systems generally much more expensive, and then you still have to pay an electrician to install a hard-wired system!

  • Audible & Visual Alarm - light flashes when pull-cord is pulled, as well as sounds an adjustable alarm sound, so you're sure to always know when there is an emergency in the bathroom or toilet.