Gate Rise and Go Walker

Bure Rise & Go

The Bure Rise & Go is a cost-effective walker enhanced with a patented power rise function. When a patient stands up, the electric power rise function is employed and the attachment reduces the distance between the patient and the walker, until the walker is in a standing position. The Bure Rise & Go contributes to reduced workloads and is an investment in staff well being and the patient’s rehabilitation.

The Bure Rise & Go enables better work ergonomics for carers, trainers and anyone else working with patients. Thanks to the smart power rise assistance, standing up becomes a safe, confident and natural action that does not wear out the backs of health care personnel.

  • Ergonomic Handles The ergonomically designed handles are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual adaptation. This is extremely important for stroke patients who can thus reach their ”usual” hand position.
  • Easily Reachable Hand Controls The hand controls are located so that both of the carer’s and user’s hands can easily reach them.
  • Unique power rise harness The power rise harness is designed to reach as far down across the bottom as possible. This provides optimum support which results in a natural standing action.
  • Power Rise The Bure Rise & Go is a unique aid for assisting patients or users during the standing manoeuvre. Personnel burdens, and thus repetitive strain injuries, are minimised.
  • Stirrup for stability To provide extra safety Bure Rise & Go is fitted with a stirrup to ensure the walker remains stationary during the standing manoeuvre.
  • Folding armrests Bure Rise & Go’s anatomically designed armrests can be folded out to provide the user with an easy means of reaching the handles during the standing manoeuvre.
  • Flexible Stepless Adjustment Electrically driven height adjustment makes it easy to pre-set the walker to the desired height. Once the patient is standing in position the height can be steplessly adjusted for best comfort and optimal walking support.
  • Brakes and Directional Locks There are optional one or two-handed brakes that can be positioned so that the user can reach them from the walking position. The handbrake acts on the rear casters and the brake assembly also includes directional locks that make it easier for the user to stay on course when walking.
Gate Rise and Go Walker
Gate Rise and Go Walker
Rsie and Go Accessory Footplate
Rsie and Go Accessory Footplate
3 products in one
- sit to stand
- patient transport
- walking aid
3 products in one - sit to stand - patient transport - walking aid
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