Foot Drop Protection Pads

Foot Drop Protection Pad

Heel and Ankle Protectors, padded foot and ankle boots that have a built in support to the achilles area which prevents pressure. The padded sides also give protection to the malleoli. The pads have a soft but firm support to help with prevention of foot drop. Secured with velcro to help keep boots in position.


  • For use with paraplegic and patients with similar neural congenital conditions
  • Where there are circulatory conditions such as diabetes
  • For patients with a previous history of pressure ulcers
  • When patients are immobile for prolongued periods such as for hip fractures
  • On senior or elderly patients with lower limb discomfort or mobility issue

Care and Cleaning Instructions

  • Single patient use
  • Washable (avoid high temperatures and high pressure disinfection)
  • Safe for use with ultraviolet radiation
Foot Drop Pad

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