Spill Proof Kennedy Cup

Spill Proof Kennedy Cup

Designed specifically for rehabilitation use. Lightweight, easy-to-grip cup has a sturdy, screw-on lid. This cup will not spill and can be used in either a reclined or seated position. Liquid is dispensed only as the client sucks on the straw. Liquid level is visible and can be monitored easily. Cup is household dishwasher safe and autoclavable.

A plastic cup with screw on lid and a central hole for a straw. The handle has a contoured area for thumb placement. With the lid screwed on, the cup can be tilted to the horizontal and upside down without spillage. The cup can hold hot or cold liquid and accepts a standard straw.


  • The special design combined with using a bendy straw the wrong way round means a horizontal position can be maintained without any fear of spillage 
  • Accepts standard straws 
  • Can be used with a straw with a non return valve 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds 207ml of hot or cold liquid
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