Telestiks are a range of lightweight, portable, reaching aids with a stainless steel telescopic shaft that enables the user to pick up items by using one of three heads, that is, a washable adhesive head, a magnetic head or the hook head.  
Available in three models, all models may have a hook, magnet and/or a rotating adhesive disk for object retrieval.
The straight handles have slip resistant PVC foam grips and come in two diameters depending on the model. The reachers are able to lift weights up to 455g.


* Are mounted onto the telescopic shaft via a swivelling joint that allows maximum opportunity for positioning of the head or hook on the item

Telescopic Shaft 
* Should always be extended or closed on a straight plane 
* If the stainless steel shaft is on an angle or bent when closing or extending, irreparable damage may occur

Telestik Reachers

UltraStik Adhesive Head 

* When not in use, always cover the adhesive disk with the plastic cover cap 
* When the adhesive disk looses its tackiness and will no longer stick to objects it needs to be cleaned 
* Remove the disk, which is attached with hook and loop 
* Clean with mild soap and water, gently scratching the surface with your finger nail 
* Rinse with warm water and let dry 
* Re-attach the adhesive disk, pressing down firmly to ensure the hook and loop has engaged properly 
* Always keep the adhesive disk away from direct sunlight, heat, solvents, oils and oily substances. Avoid skin contact where possible

Magnetic Head 
* Useful for picking up metal objects eg car keys, staplers etc. 
* Always keep the magnetic head away from computer screens, television screens, PDA's, floppy discs, credit cards etc as the magnet could temporarily or permanently damage components or erase information

Hook Head 
* Can be used to extend the telescopic shaft by hooking onto a fixed object and pulling the handle away to extend the shaft 
* Can also be used to pick up items that can be hooked or to push, pull or drag other items

* An Accessory Strap is available for the TS3040 model 
* The strap affixes the users hand to the hand grip of the reacher via a webbing strap, a 'D' ring and a hook and loop closure 
* The strap is suitable for users with reduced grip strength or limited hand function 
* Replacement UltraStik adhesive pads are available

* Small enough to be carried in a handbag

telestik specs