Urinals and Aids

Beambridge Bridge Urinal

Body-shaped urinal with handle, suitable for use by men or women. Designed to be attached to a leg bag or other drainage system.
The curved shape allows the urinal to be slipped between the legs allowing it to be used without having to support the body weight.

Bridge Urinal
Bridge Urinal

Beambridge Mini Funnel

A male portable, hand held urinal consisting of a funnel and a two litre urinary drainage bag.
It is an alternative to using a sheath, where the man has the ability to hold on long enough to insert himself into the funnel and then pass urine into the drainage bag.
The funnel comes in four different sizes.
All funnels can either connect to a urinary drainage bag, or be used as an urine director over the toilet.

Beambridge Mini Funnel
Beambridge Mini Funnel


  • Model Adult Funnel Short - Code 6-38: Beambridge Male Funnel
    Length 150 mm
    Diameter 40 mm
  • Model Youth Funnel - Code 6-35m: Beambridge Male Funnel
    Length 150 mm
    Diameter 35 mm
  • Model Mini Funnel - Code 6-35m: Beambridge Funnel
    Length 100 mm
    Diameter 28 mm
  • Model Large Funnel - Code 6-37 Beambridge Male Funnel
    Length 220 mm
    Diameter 48 mm

Discrete Male Urinal

The Male Discrete Urinal is a convenient solution for wheelchair users, men who are incontinent and those needing to urinate where there are no convenient facilities.
The compact storage tube, efficient shape and Latex construction ensure the male urinal is lightweight and durable.
The snap-lock seal does not leak, allowing it to be discreetly used, sealed, then stored for emptying and washing later.
Available whenever needed, the urinal can be carried in a pocket,
bag or glove box and requires only minimal privacy for use.
Suitable not only for those with a disability, but also as a practical solution for travelling or camping.


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Discrete Male Urinal
Discrete Male Urinal

Capacity: 1100ml

Male Urinal Bottle - Blue.

This Male Urinal Bottle is made from strong moulded blue plastic and features a snap on lid with a secure seal and a built in carry handle for easy positioning and transportation.
The male urinal bottle has an angled neck that ensures it is easy for gentlemen to use discreetly and with minimal risk of spillage. Very clear embossed graduated markings on the urinal bottles side make it easy for the user or carer to accurately measure output for recording purposes.

Angled neck allows safe discrete use
Carry handle and snap on lid with secure seal
Clear embossed graduated markings
Male urinal bottle capacity: 1 litre
Male urinal bottle weight: 130 gms

Male Urinal

Spil-Pruf Urinals

Unique design helps prevent leaks.

  • SPIL-PRUF® Urinals have a specially designed spout that prevents spills and leaks once urine is in the storage container.
  • Helps reduce odor problems.
  • Holds 500cc of liquid. Autoclave at 225° F (107°C).
  • Available in a Male or Female model, and Transparent or Non-Transparent plastic.
  • Works best when used in a seated position.
  • Perfect for bedside use.
Continence Products
Continence Products
Spil-Pruf Urinals Male & Female
Spil-Pruf Urinals Male & Female

Simpla Urine Drainage Bags

A range of sterile urine drainage bags. They come with the capacity 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 2000 ml. the length of the tubing is 900mm or 1200mm
These units can be used with a leg strap

Urine Drainage Bag
Urine Drainage Bag