Rollators and Walkers

Indoor Rollators and Walkers


Let's Go Indoor Rollator

The Let's Go Indoor Walker is a practical Walking Aid that will provide Safety in and around the home. It is Light, Smooth, Flexible and very Easy to Manage.


  • Can be used in narrow spaces like the bathroom and toilet
  • Double as a kitchen trolley for carrying meals and drinks
  • A textile basket is easily operated with one hand only
  • Brake may be used to park walker to become a dinner or card tray
  • Soft and quiet wheels that roll easily over carpets
Trust Let's Go Indoor Rollator
Trust Let's Go Indoor Rollator


Handle Height 78-90cm
Tray Height 68cm
Length 63cm
Width 54cm
Net Weight 6.5kg
Maximum User Weight 100kg

Roomba Indoor Rollator

The Roomba Indoor Rollator is a lightweight indoor walker, available in contrasting black and white and developed for indoor use. It is very practical and easy to manage.


  • Full length handlebar is made from soft foamed rubber to provide a comfortable grip
  • Full length brake handle is suitable for one hand operation (e.g. by persons suffering from Hemiplegia)
  • Very narrow width is ideally suited for use in tight spaces
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation and locks when folded up for easy handling
  • Extremely lightweight aluminium frame weighs only 5.6kg (with basket and tray)
  • Includes a practical tray with a built-in cup holder to avoid spillages, and raised edges to prevent dropping items
  • Includes a textile basket to keep essentials handy
Roomba Indoor Rollator
Roomba Indoor Rollator


Handle Height 81-94cm
Length 63cm
Width 55cm
Net Weight 5.6kg
Maximum User Weight 100kg

Dual Tray Indoor Rollator

The Days Adjustable Height Trolley Walker is a mobile trolley walker, with two removable trays and height adjustable lockable hand brakes. The trolley walker is intended for indoor use only and is designed to carry only light loads


  • Complete with lockable hand-brakes
  • Clip on plastic trays, removable for cleaning
  • Adjustable height
Days Dual Tray Indoor Rollator
Days Dual Tray Indoor Rollator


Handle Height  75.5– 90.5cm
Overall Width 58.5cm
Overall Depth 56cm
Max User Weight 125Kg

Outdoor Rollators and Seat Walkers


Ultralight Walking Frame with Seat

A lightweight four wheel, folding, mobile, height adjustable, aluminium walking frame which has a seat and cable style brakes. Available in a range of colours and one size.



Model RG4010: Folding, wheeled, walking frame with a seat

  • Height adjustable folding walker with cable brakes
  • Removable seat for folding
Ultralight Walking Frame with Seat
Ultralight Walking Frame with Seat


Seat height 495-595 mm
Handle Height 870-970 mm
Folded Width 700 mm
Folded Depth 230 mm
Width 700mm
Max user capacity 110kg
Walker net weight 7 kg

Pacer 8" Adjustable Seat Walker

The Pacer adjustable height walker is a lightweight, height adjustable walker with lockable hand brakes and built in seat and tray. It is extremely practical and easy to use.



  • Aluminium powder coated frame
  • Available in three marble finish colours
  • Multi height adjustment handles
  • Large soft under seat storage bag
  • Comfortable folding backrest
Pacer Adjustable Walker
Pacer Adjustable Walker


Seat height 520-580mm
Max user capacity 100kg
Walker net weight 5.5kg – 7.5kg

Airgo Ultralight Rollator

The Airgo Ultralight Rollator is the lightest rollator available and is simple to fold, carry and take anywhere


  • Durable, ultra-light frame enables you to lift the rollator easily and take it anywhere.
  • Ergo-form handgrips fit more comfortably and place you hand at a natural angle for comfort and better brake access.
  • Multi-set height technology: Six height adjustment.
  • Padded seat and backrest .
  • Soft basket doesn’t need to be removed when folding.
  • Easy-to-activate brakes.
  • Locks in open position for added safety and in folded position for convenience.
  • 6” non-marring wheels are ideal for indoor use.
  • Reflective piping for added visibility in the dark.
  • The handgrips come with built-in reflectors for more safety in the dark.
Airgo Ultralightweight Rollator
Airgo Ultralightweight Rollator


Handle Height  76– 86cm
Seat Height 49-59cm
Overall Width 64cm
Overall Depth 79cm
Unit Weight 4.7kg
Max User Weight 113Kg

Taima Side Folding Rollator

The Taima Rollator is a lightweight aluminium framed rollator which is easily foldable for storage and transport.
It comes with a cane/ walking stick holder and a removable mesh bag and it has curb climbing assistance.
The Taima also has soft touch brakes and height adjustable grip handles.


  • Lightweight, modern seat walker which folds for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Aluminium powder coated frame.
  • Compact and easily folded.
  • Height adjustable handles.
  • Large foldable storage bag.
  • Reversible padded backrest.
Taima Side Folding Rollator
Taima Side Folding Rollator


Handle Height  76– 86cm
Seat Height 58.5cm
Overall Width 61cm
Overall Depth 79cm
Unit Weight 6.4kg
Max User Weight 150Kg

Taima Rollator
Taima Rollator

Trust Let's Go Out Rollator

The Let's Go Outdoors rollator is extremely lightweight, comfortable and stable.
A mobile, four wheeled, folding walker with a folding seat and a strap backrest. The large front and rear wheels have a shock absorbing spring system. The soft, rubber handles are height adjustable. It features lever operated, lockable, cable brakes. The walker has an X frame cross folding system and stands alone when folded. Large front and rear wheels for negotiating curbs and obstacle
It includes an imitation leather folding seat, strap backrest and it also has an optional travel bag available for packaging and carrying the unit.


  • Elegant, comfortable and steady.
  • Simple to fold. Needs little space and stands by itself when folded.
  • The elegant large front wheels make it easy to turn and cross over, for instance, pavement kerbs.
  • The rear wheel fenders protect your clothes from getting dirty.
  • Shock-absorbing suspension on the rear wheels makes it run smoothly on all surfaces.
  • Let’s Go Out has ergonomically shaped rubber handles, and is adjustable in height to fit different statures.


Height 78-96cm
Maximum user weight 130 kg.
Width 58 .5 cm.
Length 6 7 cm.
Weight 6.1 kg.
Seat height 59.5 cm.

Lets Go Out Rollator
Lets Go Out Rollator

X Fold Rollator

The X Fold Rollator is extremely lighteweight and can be folded to a compact size, allowing it to easily fit into all car boots. This lightweight and portable rollator weighs just 7.5 kg for easy transportation.


  • Folds in two directions for a very compact size
  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminium cross brace and frame
  • Integral seat handle is a useful handgrip for pulling rollator when used as a shopper or for carrying when folded
  • Soft, flexible backrest provides comfort and security while seated
  • Ergonomic loop brakes with internally routed brake cables for added safety
  • Push button height adjustment on handles to suit user requirements
  • Front wheels can be set in either “swivel” position for easy manoeuvrability or “fixed” position for extra stability
  • Reflectors included to enhance visibility at dusk or when dark
  • Ideal to fold and put in the boot of a small car or on public transport
  • Removable storage bag for storing shopping items and essentials
  • 20cm (8") diameter wheels suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
X Fold Rollator
X Fold Rollator
X Fold Rollator
X Fold Rollator


Height 81-94cm
Maximum user weight 135 kg.
Width 64 cm.
Length 68 cm.
Weight 8 kg.
Seat height 56 cm.


Airgo Fusion Rollator:

The two in one side-fold rolling walker and transport chair!

The Airgo Fusion was designed to allow you to remain independent and live your life to the fullest. Its lightweight design and unparalleled stability provide the confidence to walk safely again. And if you ever find that you’ve ventured out too far, the Airgo Fusion converts easily to a transport chair so that a loved one can help bring you back home in comfort and style.


  • Lightweight side-folding rollator and transport chair in one design
  • Folds sideways easily by just a pull of the strap
  • Swing n' Lock footrests clip to the frame when folded
  • The frame locks together when folded for safer lifting and storing
  • Padded seat and a full backrest for superior comfort
  • Dual armrests provide a place to rest yours arms in either mode
  • Smooth bearings and an improved center of gravity for easy pushing
  • Unique ergonomic handgrips fit naturally for easier brake access
  • Features senior friendly tool-free brake adjustment knob
  • Lightweight frame designed for superior stability
  • Reflective soft basket can be removed and is machine washable
  • 8" (20 cm) Comfort-Grip wheels are ideal for indoor & outdoor use
Airgo Fusion Walker
Airgo Fusion Walker


Height 76-93cm
Maximum user weight 138 kg.
Width 69 cm.
Length 72 cm.
Weight 8 kg without accessories
Seat height 51 cm.

Airgo Fusion Rollator
Airgo Fusion Rollator

Knee Walker

An aluminium four wheeled walking aid with a padded leg support on an adjustable platform. The walking aid has dual locking breaks and a height adjustable handlebar.

The limb support platform and the handlebar are height adjustable.
The limb support platform can also be adjusted to support the left of right limb.

Knee walker
Knee walker

The cable brakes are activate by squeezing the brake handle towards the hand grip (e.g. similar to bicycle brakes).

Knee walker
Knee walker


  • Height of Base 430.0 mm - 582.0 mm (Padded Leg Platform Height)
  • Height of Handle 790.0 mm - 1000.0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 130.0 kg
  • Number of wheels 4
  • Diameter of Castor 6.0 inch
  • Weight 12.0 kg

U Step Walker for People with Parkinsons 

The U Step walker is a multi wheeled mobile walking frame with a padded seat and U shaped base. The U-Step Walking Stabilizer was designed to increase independence and eliminate falling among those with neurological conditions

The walker is very stable walker and comes with the option of a laser light designed for Parkinson's patients to help overcome freezing episodes.

The U Step walker has been designed to increase your independence.The secret is the patented U-shaped base. Its ultra-stable foundation braces you in every direction. It's not like pushing a walker. Instead the U-Step surrounds and moves with you.

The innovative braking system is easy to use and puts you in control. The U-Step will not move until you are ready to walk. When you lightly squeeze the handbrake, the unit will roll with you. Once you release the hand brake the unit will stop immediately. This feature is particularly handy when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away from you.

If you suffer from freezing episodes the U-step has an optional laser light. Simply press the red button on the handlebar and a bright red laser light is projected on the floor to step over. The laser offers an entirely safe visual clue that assists you to brake the freezing episodes and walk with a normal stride


U Step Walker
U Step Walker


  • Maximum User Weight 170kg
  • Accommodates users 4'10" to 6'2" or 148 to 188cm
  • Overall width 58.5cm
  • Seat height 56cm
  • Length 63.5cm
  • Turning circle 74cm
  • Colour Black
  • Weight 9.1 kgs
  • Folded Dimensions (approx) 107 x 58.5 x 26cm

Topra Troja 2G Rollator

The New TOPRO Troja 2G – Second generation Troja!

The innovative new TOPRO Troja 2G stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort.
Strong, quality Norway built with it's design focusing on user safety
Walk inside the frame as apposed to other rollators. This encourages better posture & reduction in fatigue


  • Easy to fold
  • Stands up when folded
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver
  • Ergonomic hand grips allow for different positions
  • Detachable wheels
  • Warning Bell
  • Safety reflectors
  • 7-year frame warranty
  • One Handed Brake option available
Topra Troja 2G
Topra Troja 2G
Medium Small
Max. user weight 150kg 125kg
Weight with basket and wheels 7.7kg 7.3kg
Transport weight
(without wheels and basket)
6kg 5.6kg
Recommended user height 150-200cm 135-170cm
Height of support points 78-100cm 67-86cm
Distance between support points 47cm 47cm
Seat height 62cm 54cm
topra troja 2G
topra troja 2G

Topra Troja Olympos Rollator

An elegant and practical off-roader, designed especially for outdoor use, but can also be used inside. The Olympos Rollator front wheels come in two size variations. The small has a diameter of 22cm and a massive 28cm for the medium. Ideal for rough terrain surfaces.


  • The tyres are made for comfortable driving on rough foundations like cobblestone or dirt roads.
  • Spacious basket with slipcover.
  • The basket carries up to 10 kilos
  • Made from materials that tolerate all kinds of weather.
  • Easy to clean, just hose down or steam.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Height adjustment with memory function.
  • Excellent brakes, kerb lifters and edge guard.
  • Safe to use and practical when crossing thresholds, kerbs etc.
  • Easy to operate brakes.
  • Folds easily together and requires little space.
  • The rollator folds together by pulling the strap on the seat.
  • Stands steadily on its wheels when folded.
  • Takes up little space when stored.
  • Practical to transport.
  • Excellent for users who travel by car, bus, train or airplane.
topro olympos
topro olympos
Medium Small
Colour Dark grey Silver
Recommended user height 150-195cm 135-170cm
Maximum weight of user 150kg 150kg
Height of handles 76-95cm 70-89cm
Width between handles 50cm 46cm
Seat height 60cm 53cm
Diameter front wheels 27.5cm 22.5cm
Diameter rear wheels 22.5cm 20cm
Product weight 8.5kg 7.9kg
Topro Olympos
Topro Olympos
Topro Olympos
Topro Olympos

Topra Troja Forearm Gutter Walker

A lightweight, aluminium, four wheel walking frame with forearm supports and adjustable hand grips. The handles are height adjustable and comes with cable style brakes. It is folded side to side rather than front to back. Available in three sizes and two colours.


  • Fantastic one or two handed breaking function
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver
  • Folds easily for transportation and storage
  • Aluminium and plastic
  • No extraordinary maintenance needed
  • Can be used in the shower
  • All wear and tear parts can be replaced
  • Easy to clean
troja forearm walker
troja forearm walker
Medium Small X-Small
Colour Dark grey Silver grey Silver grey
Recommended user height 150-185cm 130-170cm 130-160cm
Max. user weight 150kg 125kg 80kg
Height of support points 90-1150mm 840-1000mm 840-960mm
Between support points 450mm 450mm 350mm
Seat height 620mm 540mm 520mm
Weight 10.1kgs 9.8kg 9.3kg
Topra Troja Forearm Walker
Topra Troja Forearm Walker