Raizer Lifting Chair

Raizer is a battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to almost standing position within a few minutes. Raizer can with ease be assembled and operated by only one staff member and does not require any physical effort, besides a supportive hand.


  • Mobile chair for transfer from floor to a sitting or standing position
  • Easily assembled and operated by only one assistant
  • Minimal physical effort for the assistant
  • Both the fallen person and the assistant can feel comfortable and safe in the process
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
  • Cleaning-friendly
  • Optimal solution for personnel in home care as well as for ambulance services
  • Battery operated and can be supplied with a remote control as supplementary equipment
  • Can transfer individuals weighing up to 150 kg
Raizer Lift Up Chair
Raizer Lift Up Chair
Raizer in use
Raizer in use

Technical Specifications:

  • Lifting capacity: Max. 150kg
  • Lifting time: 20-30 secs
  • Weight:
    • Seat 9 kg
    • Legs and back rest 4kg
    • Total 13kg
  • Charger (2 pcs.): Soniel 12V. 100-240V and 12 V car adapter
  • Number of lifts on a full charge:
    • 40 with a max. load.
    • Approx. 100 with an average load
  • Charging time : Max. 6 hours
  • Charging of empty battery: 10–15 min = 1 transfer