Pressure Relieving Devices

EXGEL Pressure Relieving Cushions

Exgel is a pressure care cushion that was developed out of a soft and stable material to reduce the risk of decubitus-bedsores
EXGEL’s flexibility is extremely high; it can stretch 20 times in size and is then able to restore to its original form.
It’s soft, slow resilience, and low repulsive nature is gentle to human skin.
EXGEL has an excellent shock absorbability and proved 5 to 10 times higher shock absorbability than general urethane foam

Ecgel Cushion



  • High stretch water resistant cover is attached.
  • The outer fabric passed Cytotoxicity test, ISO10993-5.
  • It meets flammability requirements for CA Bulletin 117.
  • Machine washable (use with laundry net recommended.)
  • Zipper on back side for easy slip on/off.
  • Strong skidproof on the bottom of the cover.


  • For wheelchair users who need superior pressure redistribution.
  • Suitable for the sacral sitter.
  • Provides moderate postural support.
  • The High is recommended for the client who needs further pressure redistribution.
  • The contour is recommended for the client needing forward/reward stability, and for further postural support, the Deep Contour is recommended. Deep Contour Slim is low profile model of Deep Contour.

Exgel Mini

The Exgel Mini is easy to carry, convenient and compact in size. Ideal for outings, travel, sporting events and stadium sitting.

Exgel Mini
Exgel Mini

Fold in half feature makes convenient to carry
EXGEL functions even in a compact size, and redistribute body pressure to reduce pain in buttocks
Ideal compact size for outing, travel, sports event, and stadium sitting. Ideal for uncomfortable hard chair and hard floors

Wedge Cushions

The Seat Wedge Cushion shape is designed to adjust the seating position to provide relief to the hips and the lower back.
The Seat Wedge Cushions are covered in a durable airflow cushion cover that is removable for washing if required.

Wedge Cushion
Wedge Cushion

available in three different heights
75mm, 100mm and 125mm

Air Comfort Cushions

These cushions offer great comfort & support to users and are available in a variety of sizes & styles.
Each Air Comfort Cushion is made from high grade durable materials,
comes with a cover with handle, inflation pump and is easy to wash &  clean

Air Comfort Cushion
Air Comfort Cushion

Available in four different sizes
Max user weight 120kg

Wheelchair Comfort Cushions

These cushions come in a range of sizes, colours and cover types and offer excellent levels of comfort.
All of the Comfort cushions have high density foam fillings for excellent durability and some cushions have the added benefit of a layer of memory foam.
Comfort cushions are available with a number of different covers including water resistant polyester, polar fleece and acrylic lambs wool.

Wheelchair Cushion
Wheelchair Cushion

Medici Pillow Lifter

The Medici Pillow Lifter helps the user turn their own bed into a hospital bed.

By touching a button, it will sit the user upright or lie down flat on top of the mattress. It can even be used on a double bed with a partner still using the other half of the bed.

The mattress pad has a vapour permeable, four-way stretch waterproof cover, which secures to the frame and a fitted polycotton sheet with a sewn-in pillow pocket plus a spare sheet for the wash.

The aluminium frame, mattress and covers weight 13kg. The strap may be used to attach the Pillow Lifter to the mattress/bed base if additional security is required.

Pillow Lifter
  • Backrest size: 750mm wide, 720mm tall
  • Apron size: 750 mm wide, 280mm long
  • Angle of operation: 5 to 65 degrees
  • Weight limit: 190kg