Incontinent Briefs

Incontinence Pull Up Briefs

This product is designed to be used by people who are incontinent
Absorbency: 1450-1600ml
Valui Incontinence Pants are to be worn just like normal underwear!

All pants have the following features…
· Soft cotton-like non-woven waterproof outer materials.
· 360 degrees stretch with air-flow.
· Durable elasticized waistband.
· Stand up leg gathers preventing leakage.
· Added thickness at the centre for added strength.
· Odour control additives offering greater confidence

Valui Briefs
Valui Briefs

Size: Medium
Capacity: 1450ml
Waist Size: 40cm-100cm
Qty: 20 Pants per packet

Size: Large
Capacity: 1600ml
Waist Size: 60cm-139cm
Qty: 20 Pants per packet

Size: Extra Large
Capacity: 1700ml
Waist Size: 130cm-170cm
Qty: 10 Pants per packet


Features of the Products
1. 360° stretch and air-flow waistband is better fitted;
2. Locking-water & deodorizing ingredient eliminates odours and keeps extra dry;
3. Special funnel-shaped transfer layer provides quicker absorbency;
4. Unique soft cotton-like non-woven back sheet offers additional comfort;
5. Standing gathers prevents leakage, more comfort and increased reliability