HoverJack Air Patient Lift

The HoverJack® air patient lift allows caregivers to safely lift patients who have fallen without gathering a lift team.
Once the HoverJack® is inflated, the HoverMatt® air transfer mattress can be used with the same air supply unit for safe and easy lateral patient transfer to a bed or stretcher.

And once the HoverJack® lift is inflated, the HoverMatt® air transfer mattress can be used with the same air supply unit for safe and easy lateral patient transfer to a bed or stretcher.

  • Reduce back injuries for nurses and caregivers.
  • Minimise staff members needed to safely lift patients who have fallen.
  • Lift height is controlled through four individual inflation chambers with self-sealing valves.
  • Quick-release deflation valves lower the patient if needed.
  • A Teflon® bottom allows for easy movement across all surfaces.
  • The HoverJack® lift is available in two widths (32" & 39"), with a tested capacity of 544kg to accommodate most patients.
  • Hoverjack is available in 2 sizes
    -- 81cm W x 198cm L (32”)
    -- 99cm W x 198cm L (39”)

Hoverjack Evacuation and Evacuation II

The evacuation Hoverjacks are designed to be used for safe and efficient stairwell evacuation in hospital and pre-hospital environments.

The specially designed safety straps and foot-end pouch hold the patient securely while being transported down stairs, and the replaceable Teflon® coated bottom allows the device to be used across most surfaces. A weight capacity of 544 kgs. for vertical lifting and 320 kgs. for stairwell evacuations accommodates most patients.

When used in conjunction with the HoverMatt Air Transfer System, a seamless solution is presented for lateral transfer from bed or floor to the Evacuation HoverJack II, and on to the ambulance stretcher in preparation for transport. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the HoverMatt reduces the force needed to move the patient by 80-90%, while also reducing patient skin shear and bruising.

Evacuation Hovermatt
Evacuation Hovermatt