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Grabbit Reachers

Grabbit Reachers help to reduce over-reaching and bending over.
They extend your reach by over 75cm which is ideal for people who experience discomfort bending down to retrieve items or reaching items at height

They are available in a standard Claw or Heavy Duty Pincer style

  • Each Grabbit has a comfort moulded squeeze lever that activates the jaw grips.
  • The jaw grips have rubber tips that help prevent the retrieved item from slipping.
  • The jaws are spring loaded and remain open until the lever is activated.
  • RGM,RGB Models have swivel heads that can be rotated 180″
  • RGM models are fitted with magnets on the tip.
Grabbit Reachers
Grabbit Reachers

ETAC Activ Reachers

The Active reachers are available in a number of models. They are light and have ergonomically designed handles to make reaching and gripping easier. The jaws open wide but still grab the smallest item. A unique feature is the possibility to turn the jaws. They can easily be set in two different positions. This means the reacher can be used with the jaws horizontally or vertically without having to turn the arm. All models have a magnet in the handle for picking up small metallic objects.

Etac Reacher
Etac Reacher


Telestiks are a range of lightweight stainless steel extendable reachers. Each model has steel telescopic shaft/s and a soft, large grip PVC handle. All models may have a hook, magnet and/or a rotating adhesive disk for object retrieval. Available in three models

Telestik Dual

Pad, magnet, hook, 2 telescopic shafts


Thickness of Handle 38.0 mm
Length of Handle 135.0 mm
Length 210.0 mm - 880.0 mm

Telestick Magnet and Telestik Pad

Thickness of Handle 12.5 mm
Length of Handle 145.0 mm
Length 200.0 mm - 870.0 mm

Dressing Sticks

The dressing stick is a 60cm wooden handle, with a hook on one end and smaller hook on the other. It is available in a rigid or folding version to assist you in dressing yourself.

You can use a dressing stick to bring clothes around your shoulders, push clothes off your shoulders, pull up zips (using the small hook end), tighten shoelaces and pull up trousers or straps. You can also sew loops onto clothing and then use the dressing stick to help with positioning the garment

Sock Assist

The Sock Assist is a flexible plastic sock aid designed to assist people who cannot bend to reach their toes to don socks.
The aid is slitted to fit around the heels and has a nylon inner cover and a terry cloth outer cover to prevent the aid from sticking to the skin or the sock from falling off as it is used. Two webbing straps with large looped ends are attached to the base.


Available On-Line

Sock Assist
Sock Assist

Easy On-Easy Off Sock Aid

With its innovative and unique design, the Easy On-Easy Off Sock Aid is the simplest and easiest to use sock dressing aid on the market.
Even without the use of both hands, this product will bring back the simplicity of wearing your socks.

One simple step and they are on, one swift movement and they are off.


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easy on-easy off sock aid
easy on-easy off sock aid

Jeannie Pill Crusher

The Jeannie Pill Crusher is a portable battery operated device crushes medications to a fine powder. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery (charger is included) and is able to complete 300 crushers per battery charge. The pills are crushed in a disposable medication pouch. The crusher features eight suction caps on the base to secure to bench/table.


Model Jeannie Pill Crusher: One Model Only

Length Overall 315.0 mm
Weight Overall 2.35 kg
Width Overall 90.0 mm
Height Overall 80.0 mm

Jeannie Pill Crusher
Jeannie Pill Crusher

Bedroom Aids

Under Mattress Bed Rails

A removable, fixed shape bed rail made of epoxy coated steel. Bed rail is secured by sliding the U shaped base under the mattress.

450mm high
600m wide

Under Mattress Bed Rail
Under Mattress Bed Rail
Drop Side Bed Rail
Drop Side Bed Rail

Under Mattress Drop Side Bed Rails

Dropside portable bed rail with a U shaped base which slides under the mattress and is stabilised by the mattress weight. The dropside mechanism operates by means of a cradled hook which supports the lower cross rail. The rail is lowered by first raising slightly and unlatching the hook.


  • Overall length 100cm
  • Rail length is 900mm.

Alrick Clamp on Bed Rail

Clamp on bed rail that attaches to the metal frame of a hospital style bed. The rail is attached by securing two tension adjustable knobs. The rail assists a person to reposition in bed and get in and out of the bed

Load Capacity (supplier stated) 150 kg
Weight Overall 3 kg
Height of Rail 470 mm
Width Overall 300 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Height of Rails 110 mm (distance between the horizontal rails)
Width of Base 50.8 mm (clamping unit size)

Alrick Clamp on Bed Rail
Alrick Clamp on Bed Rail
Alrick Rail
Alrick Rail

Bed Cradle

This bed cradle frame is designed to fit under the mattress to form a support to keep bedclothes clear of feet and legs

Height 600mm

Bed Cradle
Bed Cradle

Gooseneck Bar

The free-standing gooseneck is fabricated from heavy
tubular steel section and is epoxy powder coated.
Chain link adjustment gives a handle height variation
of approximately 500mm.

Gooseneck Bar
Gooseneck Bar

Over Bed/Chair Tables

GP Medical provides an adjustable height over bed / chair table.
It has a split beech coloured top which can be tilted for comfort and the height adjustment is spring assisted
The frame is powder coated .


  • A sturdy frame with a SWL of 25 kg for safety and durability
  • A recessed top made from high quality MDF with vacuum laminating for strength and durability
  • An ergonomic handle that make it very easy to adjust the height of the table
  • A safe-lifting mechanism that allows the top to lift without using the handle, ensuring that users do not accidentally get trapped under the table when raising the bed
  • Height adjustment 78cm to 105cm
  • An ABS cover on the Base Frame for improved aesthetics and easier cleaning
  • 55 mm diameter castors that make the table easy to manoeuvre
Over Bed/Chair Table
Over Bed/Chair Table

Swift Lift Patient Hoist

The Swift Lift hoist includes a powered lifting arm and leg gating control using the multi-function handset make for easier, faster and safer patient lifting and transport.

To protect the safety of both patients and carers, an electronic overload feature prevents the lifter operating if it detects a weight above its designed capacity.


  • Independently tested to conform to AS/NZS ISO 10535:2002 for safety and peace of mind
  • Curved, one-piece lifting arm with polyurethane padding for improved strength, safety and patient head clearance
  • Lifting actuator nests into the upright and lifting arm to greatly improve patient clearance
  • Polyurethane padded lifting yoke with single hooks for patient safety and protection
  • Electronic handset control of lifting arm height, two speed with soft start/stop
  • Electronic handset control of leg gating
  • Weight overload control and indication
  • Emergency stop button
  • Hand operated emergency lowering
  • Wide, lateral push handle and large diameter castors for excellent manoeuvrability
  • Small front castors for access under lower furniture
  • Rechargeable battery, with low battery warning alarm, that can be removed and charged
  • Monitoring and indication of battery charge level
  • Maintenance Required indication at set service intervals
  • Moulded PVC cover for durability and easy cleaning
  • Long-lasting LINAK lifting actuator for lower ongoing maintenance costs


  • Maximum Occupant Weight 180 kg
  • Length 1330 mm
  • Width 670 mm
  • Leg Gate (inside) 530-970 mm
  • Height 1220 mm
  • Weight (including battery) 44 kg
Swift Lift
Swift Lift